Artist Joanne Miller explores the boundary between wildlife and urban landscapes.  Presenting a vision of beauty and mystery, her black and white photographs evoke a sense of elegance, inviting the viewer to reflect upon the connections that bind us to nature. 

Joanne's long-term series "Living on the Edge" portrays a deeper narrative about the relationship between our inner nature and our outer world.  Her photographs are both intimate and powerful - they reveal the balance and harmony we seek within these worlds. 

This series began while living on a houseboat on an estuary of the Potomac River ten miles from the U.S. Capital.  For four years, Joanne photographed animals common to an urban river.  These experiences provided a unique window into the symbiotic relationship between nature and civilization.  Now even more intrigued by the tightening margins of our urban environment, Joanne currently lives and works out of her studio on dry land. 

Recipient of "Art Maryland's" Juror Award, her photographs have been published, exhibited and are included in private collections.