My series "Living on the Edge" captures the harmony that exists in that curious space where wildlife intersects our urban world.

At a time when we continue to distance ourselves from the natural world, the edges of our communities push further into nature.  Animals living in the wild move closer into our backyards.  Beauty and mystery reside in this place of integration.

When walking a path at nature's pace, I see the beauty of life revealed in the details: the grace of a wing, a tower enveloped with birds - minimal details reduced to their essence in black and white.  These images speak of stillness.  they share a quiet contentment.  I believe it is in this space that we find peace.

The simplicity of a hand-held 35mm film camera allows me to become an intimate part of the world unfolding in front of my lens.  3 3/4 x 5 1/2" images on 8 x 10" selenium toned, gelatin-silver paper is my preferred presentation size for a more intimate viewing experience.  Each image is printed in a limited edition of 25.

JM-0513 Web Pics_Intersection.jpg