Amy Miller, Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography  Posted: 27 March 2012 12:54 pm PDT

ACP NOW!  Amy Miller's Update from day one of Houston's FotoFest International:

I saw some very interesting work on my first day of the FotoFest Meeting Place Portfolio Reviews in Houston.     I'd like to highlight a few photographers that I met today..."Joanne has a body of work that she has been working on for 18 years - her life's work.  These small, simple photographs of animals (mostly birds) are printed as traditional gelatin silver prints.  The sensibility is resonant with the work of Masao Yamamoto or Michael Kenna...but the work is different enough and comes from a different place (figuratively and literally).                 The series grows and changes, but it is a finished body of work - well-edited and ready for exhibition."

JM-0513 Web Pics_Seasons of Change.jpg